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Paul Askew

My dad got me and my sisters our first American Pit Bull Terrier in 1977. I was seven years old at the time. My dad had a APBT in the 50s that he described as a 35-pound male named Bulger. According to Dad, Bulger was small in size, but big in heart and fearless.


 in the 70s there were no leash laws and my sisters had been bitten by loose dogs in the neighborhood, so my dad thought about his fearless little dog Bulger and decided to get a Pitbull for me and my sisters, so we had some protection while walking the neighborhood. 


We got a female named Connie that was not dog aggressive but was fearless in her own right and was willing to rough play with any dogs that approached my sisters and me.


 Connie’s fearless behavior was enough to keep the stray dogs at bay. In those days Nobody really knew what a APBT was. They would be considered a rare breed. 


I went to my first APBT show in 1978 in Roseburg, Oregon. I have been a member of the Beaver State Pitbull club since that time and have attended numerous dog shows over the years. My daughter has shown great interest in the breed and has since started showing her dog.


I watched the breed go from a relative unknown in the 70s to media hysteria in the 80’s, and breed specific legislation followed in the 90’s. 


I have always advocated for the breed and have also been steadfast for responsible ownership and have discouraged ownership of guard dogs or dogs that may demonstrate any type of human aggression.