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Joan Morrisson

My husband and I have owned, raised and bred bulldogs since 1969.  We generally kept around 25 dogs on our place in the country.  Our bloodlines were Neblett McCoy and Lightner.  My good friend, Linda Emmert, and I took our dogs all over the country showing them in conformation and weight pull.

Today my bulldogs are a couple of rescues – one from a shelter that picked him up as a pup following one of Oklahoma’s tornadoes; and the second a stray that was picked up in the woods of Oklahoma and obviously had been mistreated.

I was one of the founders of Cherokee Nation Pit Bull Club in Oklahoma which was the first club in Oklahoma (I think).  The club started in the early 1980s.  Members of our club helped pass legislation in Oklahoma which makes it very clear you must be caught fighting dogs to be charged.  I suppose someone could implicate you but there would have to be a lot of proof.  In Oklahoma you can own a breaking stick, a treadmill, and any other type of dog equipment along with an American Pit Bull Terrier and NOT be charged with dogfighting.

I served as treasurer of Cherokee Nation club throughout its existence (I don’t recall the year we gave up the club); and served as treasurer of Endangered Breeds Association for more years than I can remember.  I served from sometime in the 1980s to about 4 years ago when Russ Krohn became treasurer.

I believe it is vital that owners of bulldogs stand up and ensure they will be protected from now on.  EBA has laid out a strong course and many cities and towns now are rescinding previously enacted breed specific ordinances and laws.  But the fight is not over.  There still are entities that would like to cause havoc not only for breeders and owners of bulldogs, but owners and breeders of all dogs.  For that reason we must continue the fight and stand together.

Above all we should promote and stress responsible dog ownership.